About FitOn Lux

Established in 2019, FitOn Lux is an Online Smartwatch and Classic Automatic Mechanical Watch store that was created to improve the lives of people through dynamic innovative technologies, creative solutions and distinctive functions.

Our premium quality Smartwatches and Mechanical Watches delivers distinctive images, elegance, simplicity and affordability in one package.

FitOn Lux Mission is to deliver outstanding value, continuous innovation and a captivating customer experience by consistently offering products based on cutting edge technology and quality commitment.

We believe in sustainability and use of high quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Recently in 2023, we have extended our Product Line to include Fashion Accessories including Luxury Neckties, Bowtie Gift Sets and Suspenders.

Our Aim is to provide superior services, products, quality and value at reasonable prices so that people can make the most of their money and be empowered to live better lives.

FitOn Lux vision is to exemplify industry standards and become a catalyst through disruptive cutting edge advance technology, by continuously improving Smartwatch and Automatic Mechanical Watch functions that offer more creative solutions to better simplify the lives of the global community.

Because children's health is at the heart of the future, FitOn Lux is delighted to donate 1% of its net proceeds from each sale (excluding charge backs) to the charity of St. Jude's Children Hospital for Cancer Research.